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Classic Security Metal Detector

This walkthrough metal detector is engineered and designed to meet the specific security needs of public facilities such as: schools, hotels, amusement parks and city halls. The Classic provides the required security with a high level of operating efficiency.

The leading edge technology features a high flow rate of people through the gate with minimal alarms. Personal items such as coins, keys, belt buckles can pass through the magnetic field without causing an alarm.

The Classic metal detector is compact and lightweight, making this portable unit adaptable to any surroundings. The patented cylinder design is aesthetically suitable for the most discrete applications. This security equipment does not require any special training for normal use, making this the most "user friendly" walkthrough metal detector in the industry.

CEIA metal detectors have been selected by the leading security agencies worldwide to protect high ranking government officials. The Classic conforms to all International Security Standards and is capable of detecting both magnetic and non-magnetic weapons. When security, operating efficiency and affordable pricing are required the CEIA Classic metal detector is the solution.

Main Chracteristics

  • Digitally adjustable sensitivity with a wide range of values.
  • All functions are controlled by a microprocessor.
  • Programming access protected by hardware key.
  • Automatic synchronization between two or more metal detectors, at a distance from each other of up to 12 inches, without using cables.
  • Professional high integration and high reliability electronics.
  • Electronic control unit integrated in the archway.
  • No initial or periodic calibration.
  • Easy maintenance. The electronic control unit can be replaced in less than one minute.
  • Overall Dimensions: 84-3/4" x 46" x 8-1/4"

Certification and Conformit

  • Harmless to pacemakers, life-support systems, pregnant women and magnetic storage media.
  • Complies with FAA “3-Gun-Test” and with NILECJ-0601-00 standards.
  • Complies with ADA requirements.
  • Complies with currently-applicable International Standards on electrical safety and EMC, and with the applicable CE regulations.


  • See Audible Signaling

Visual Signaling

  • High intensity display.
  • Green and red lights.
  • Proportional indication of the size of the metal mass in transit.

Audible Signaling

  • High sound intensity.
  • Programmable volume and tone.
  • Duration proportional to the size of the metal mass in transit.

Installation Data

  • Power supply
  • Temperature and relative humidity from 5ºF to 158ºF, and from 0 to 95% (without condensation)

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