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HI-SCAN 9075

HI-SCAN 9075 is a state-of-the-art X-ray inspection unit for the scanning of objects up to a size of 35.4" x 29.9" (w x h). Due to its design the imaging system is perfectly suited to the scanning of bulky objects, oversized baggage and freight. Heavy objects can be easily placed on the conveyor belt which is installed at a height of only 35 cm (13.8") above the ground.

The low installation height of the HI-SCAN 9075 conveyor system facilitates the connection of supplementary feed- and/or discharge conveyor systems for heavy freight.

The HI-SCAN 9075 is also available as a mobile unit and as such is well-tried by airports, customs facilities and haulage companies.

State-of-the-art HiTraX technology, efficient online image analysis methods as well as an operator interface ergonomically designed to be adapted to the installation conditions make the HISCAN 9075 an ultramodern and efficient instrument for security checks in sensitive areas.

HI-SCAN 9075 - the security concept for dealing with oversized baggage and bulky objects

Feature Highlights

  • Ideal method of inspecting oversized and bulky freight
  • Ease of handling heavy goods via low conveyor belt
  • HiTraX technology employing real-time image processing
  • HI-MAT Plus: allows improved material classification
  • Dimensions: 119.6” (L) x 50.8” (W) x 72.4” (H)
  • Weight: approximately 1874 lbs (850 kg)

Additional Features

  • IMS: image data management (optional)
  • Ergonomically designed operating console features user-definable key functions
  • Integral network interface
  • Typical penetration: 30 mm of steel
  • High-resolution detector line

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