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The PD140 series hand held metal detector is currently in use all over the world. There are over 20,000 in daily operation where security requirements demand a hand held metal detector with optimum performance. The unit has a large area of detection, which improves personnel processing. There are two versions available, one with standard sensitivity (PD140V, also available in a rechargeable version: PD140VR) and the PD140SVR with high sensitivity for special applications (also rechargeable). Optional features include an inductive battery charger, holster, earpiece output for an audible alarm and carrying case.

Feature Highlights

  • High Sensitivity
  • Detection of magnetic and non magnetic metals
  • Very high reliability
  • Optical, acoustic and vibration alarm signals
  • Bidirectional detection head allows detection of metal on both sides, upper and lower
  • Self-Calibrating
  • Very long battery life
  • Optical warning when battery needs replacing
  • Exclusive ergonomic shape
  • ABS shock-resistant case, characterized by high mechanical strength (optional)
  • Dimensions: 3.15 x 13.39 x 2.16 in. Case: 17.5 x 11.8 x 7(ht) in.
  • There is no need for routine or preventative maintenance on this hand held security metal detector due to the methods of construction.
  • The PD140 series hand held metal detector has three settings of sensitivity that allow the user to define the type of detection required (low, medium, and high). Battery life using a standard 9V is in excess of 150 hours operating time per battery with continuous use.

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